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        InformIT Community Voices Reviewer Program

        Join the InformIT Reviewer Program

        InformIT invites Community Voices to post reviews and opinions about new and pre-release products to help their fellow technology and computer users make informed purchase decisions.

        We are excited for you to get started, but before you do, please read through the following guidelines and requirements so you will know what to expect!

        How does it work?

        InformIT provides our Community Voices with complimentary review copies of new and pre-release products. We ask that the product reviews are completed within 45-60 days of product receipt, and that the review is posted on Amazon.com* and one other online location, with a link back to theInformIT product page.

        *Exception: Amazon review submissions are not required for products that are not sellable on Amazon.com.

        Are Community Voices expected to write only positive reviews?

        No. We welcome honest opinions about the product. We simply request a professional and thoughtful review.

        How do I become a Community Voice Reviewer?

        The InformIT Reviewer Program is an invitation-only program. Potential candidates may request to join the program by submitting a complete application, and if selected, will be contacted with next steps for participation.

        How are Community Voices for the Reviewer Program selected?

        Community Voices are selected based on several criteria, but primarily on the candidate's background and experience with technology, and their interest to provide a helpful review of InformIT learning products.

        Can I select the product I want to review?

        We encourage our reviewers to let us know if there is a particular product that they are interested in reviewing. We try to match the product with the reviewer's interest, when possible. However, final products sent for review will be chosen by InformIT based upon the reviewer's area of expertise, interest, and the products scheduled for the program.

        How many reviews are Community Voices expected to complete?

        To be considered an active member of the Community Voices program, we ask that you complete all product reviews that you sign up for within 45-60 days of product receipt, and that you have reviewed a minimum of one product within a 24-month time period.

        What format will I receive for the review copy?

        If you reside within the United States, we will provide you with your preferred format (print or digital). If you reside outside the United States, we will arrange for you to receive a digital bundle download (EPUB/MOBI/PDF). Special arrangements for international shipping may be considered upon special request, but cannot be guaranteed.

        Do Community Voices get paid for their reviews?

        No, Community Voices are not paid, but they do receive free products. On your application, be sure to check the box yes if you want information about the InformIT Affiliate program, to be contacted with more information on how you can earn commission for referring sales.

        Terms and Requirements

        All reviewers must submit a completed Reviewer Program Application Form. Incomplete, inaccurate, or other forms of entry will not be considered.

        Submitting a completed application form does not guarantee that you will be approved.

        Final products sent for review will be chosen by InformIT based upon the reviewer's area of expertise and interest, and the products scheduled for the program. Reviews are expected to be submitted within 45 to 60 days from product receipt.

        All reviewers are required to:

        1. Submit their review to Amazon.com for products which are sellable on Amazon.com. Per Amazon.com policy, each reviewer must have an existing Amazon.com account open that has at least one (1) purchase made.
        2. Post their review on one additional online location, such as blog, social channel, website, with a link back to the InformIT product page.
        3. Email their completed review text, as well as the URL(s) where posted, to community@informit.com. Failure to do so may result in being removed from the Community Voices program.

        If you are accepted into the Reviewer program, you grant permission to Pearson to use your product review statements in any manner or media without previously notifying you, and to be considered for presentation in such mediums as publisher domain-hosted web pages and other associated printed and online promotional materials. You permit us to edit your comments for length/brevity/punctuation, so long as edits do not change the writer's intent or the spirit of your message.

        As per Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulation, we require that every product reviewer mention in their review that the product was received complimentary as part of the InformIT Reviewer Program.

        By applying for this program, you acknowledge that you have read and do accept the terms and requirements.

        Apply Now

        Tell us about yourself! Email community@informit.com with your background. Include full name, email, phone, mailing address, areas of expertise, years of experience, certifications, and site URL if you have one. Let us know if you are a member of a user group, run a blog, or are interested in becoming an affiliate.

        Thank you for your interest in becoming part of our community.

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