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        Save 40% on full-course videos from InformIT

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        Learn a new technology in just hours. Video training can teach more in less time, and material is generally easier to absorb and remember.

        Advance Your Skills

        Train Anywhere

        Train anywhere, at your own pace, on any device. Most videos are streaming with an option to download lessons for offline viewing.

        Train Anywhere

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        Expert instructors demonstrate concepts so you see technology in action.


        Popular Topics

        AgileCertificationCiscoCloud ComputingC++Data ScienceJavaLinuxMicrosoftNetworkingPythonWeb Development


        Click the topic links on the left to browse our growing video library and discover hundreds of courses on the latest technologies. Explore course descriptions and view free sample videos. Shop and search the video store.

        What Users are Saying...

        Modern Python: Big Ideas and Little Code in Python
        "I can highly recommend this course, if you want to take your Python skills to the next level."—pepper1709

        Algorithms (Video Lectures): 24-part Lecture Series
        "This is the best explanation of algorithms I’ve seen in years. It covers many topics in a thorough manner that makes learning this subject delightful."—cvillanuevanyc

        Linux Under the Hood
        "It really is under the hood—the course provides a lot examples of real code and core concepts!"—Alex Baumgertner

        Learning Angular
        "Fantastic! Marc is very good explanning how angular works and his examples. It is very didatic and easy to follow."—Fabio DeFranco

        Ultimate Go Programming, Second Edition
        "Ultimate Go is the best intermediate Go training out there. It is like years of mastery diluted in simple lessons. You were blind and now you see clearly go."—Jeremy Baumont

        Deep Learning with TensorFlow
        "Probably the best introduction course out there for Deep Learning. Really helps build the concepts from the ground up and starts with basics and covers a lot of ground into the deep."—neelesh2

        Pandas Data Analysis with Python Fundamentals
        "Clear and confident presentation. Really good for those who familiar with command line typing."—dragonyy

        Python Programming Language
        "Terrific course, probably the best for learning Python. The author imparts his expertise very effectively, with the right amount of detail and lots of carefully chosen examples."—vchebolu

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        * Discount code VIDEO40 confers a 40% discount off the list price of eligible titles purchased on informit.com. Eligible titles include most full-course video titles. Book/eBook + video bundles, individual video lessons, Rough Cuts, Safari Books Online, non-discountable titles, titles on promotion with our retail partners, and any title featured as Video Deal of the Week are not eligible for discount. Offer ends 11:59 p.m. EST December 31, 2020. Discount may not be combined with any other offer and is not redeemable for cash. Offer subject to change.

        Free video lessons are the lesson listed on the right side of the video player located on the video course web page at informIT.com. Users can view these free lessons, which are extracts from the actual product, free of charge, with unlimited access.

        About the Videos: The video courses are accessible from your account page after purchase, and require the free QuickTime Player software. Downloadable videos can be viewed on Windows 8 or later, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, all versions of Macintosh OS X including the iPad, and other platforms that support the industry standard h.264 video codec.

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